Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Its raining Oscars

Its been busy days and haven't had much time to think about crazy things to write about But yours truly is always on the look out for news which really matters, news which will create sensation. In short, news that will make you tear your hair apart in desperation and frustration. So here's the latest...

Just few days back I shed a bucketful of tears lamenting the fact that one of my favourite movies
is being cannibalised by bollywood. Looks like its not just Samanta and son have the DVD of Oscar , but even a certain Shekar Suman too has a copy of it (I dunno if he borrowed the DVD from Samanta and ripped a copy for himself or bought a original one). The end result is, 'One Fine Monday' will be foisted on the unsuspecting public.

The burning question is 'which of these bastardised versions will out do the other in tanking spectacularly?' (if you were thinking that any one of them will do good business, then you must be reading this from the computer of the doctor, whom you just biffed on the head in the asylum. That also goes to show that my blog is a hit among certain section of people and they go to any lengths to read it).

Sorry I digress...I suspect that Samanta's version will do better than
flaunter-of-male-cleavage (remember his music video) Suman's just because of Mithun prabhuji's presence in the former.

Don't be surprised if another vesrion is being produced elsewhere. Bollywood is capable of being 'inspired' and churn out anywhere between 1 to 4 versions of the same original (remember the 'Sleeping with the enemy' versions). And its also perfectly capable of botching it up everytime (the same example holds good).

Nevertheless woe is on me, because I'll never be able to see Oscar again and not think of whats being done to it ....

Image courtesy: bollywoodhungama.com

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