Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Jolly good show mate......

Get out of office at 5

Travel in crowded trains

Arrive at Thames and search for a suitable spot

Set up your base

Look out for girls :)

Adjust the tripod settings

Ask friend to go in search for a more suitable location

Shift base again when the friend comes back excitedly informing about a spot which offers a better view

Stand in the cold

Look out for girls :)

Over 50000 people around you

Try to ignore the drunks around you

Try to dance to the music in the 1 feet space you have

Rains...ignore it

Talk insane things to kill time

Look out for girls :)

Shout everytime the announcer says something

Serious pain in the legs after doing the thing which you can call dance only if you have serious eye problems

Look out for girls :)

6 hours standing for 15 minutes of this.....

Was it worth it?.....you bet it was.....

Happy New Year!! by the way

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