Thursday, 31 July 2008

You say quirks, I say normal..............lets call the whole thing....

Of all the people available, she had to tag me.....

Tag Rules -

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Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours

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With me I am not sure if these are quirks or normal...oh what the heck here it goes...

  • My bag contains all sorts of things from tablets,cold balm,stapler, glue stick and many other things which you usually find in a jungle surviving kit. But as they say its a jungle out there..

  • I am suffering from a mild I?, lemme check again.....yes I am...
  • I dont like to look at my face in mirror the first thing in the morning.Talk about manhoos shakal.....
  • Is collecting your ATM transaction receipts and storing them a quirk?
  • When I think I think in English and Hindi.....Kannada has been killed not only while speaking, but also while ruminating.
  • When a friend is humming a song, I hijack it, make a mess of it and the said friend usually develops a lifelong aversion to the song after hearing it from me.

Well now to tag 6 more bakras...hmm.....lemme see

The Jalsa guy

The guy now in chandigarh

The fat Mallu

The greatestbong (after Mithun prabhuji ofcourse)

The dude on bike

The girl with disco

1 comment:

Pradeep said...

yeah... u r right... when u r used to too much abnormalities, u tend to forget what exactly "normal" is!!!:)