Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Aaand the next PM is ................

Politicians fighting to participate in a reality show !! Why? . Well the entire political scene in the country is nothing short of a reality show.
So what is the motive behind this clamour to be a part of a bunch of people living in a house and fighting each other causing diplomatic between countries?. Isn't fighting in assembly no longer good enough for them?

Or have the producers of the show announced that the winner would be given a contract of being the prime minister of the country for a year? . I wonder......
PS: A great idea for a reality show though. Put in a bunch of back stabbing, corrupt (goes without saying actually), party hopping netas in a house for period and give them a fake Swiss account number each .The one who comes out with most number of insidious deals and highest amount in the Swiss account can be our prime minister.

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