Saturday, 30 August 2008

The road to home.....

Me and my mate in the car, after a long day at office.
Trundling along the long stretch of pot holes connected by bits of road.
Stopping every few metres, waiting for the traffic ahead to ease.
Contemplating on the day that was, the futility of the things.

Taking time to appreciate the small joys - the cute girl in the bus.
Causing the fellow motorists behind to blare their horns,
Indicating us to move on, in to reality and avoid the big fat cow ahead.
Snaking past the cabs which are in a hurry to jump the next signal,
Trucks advising the world to 'Save Rani Water'.

Vividhbharathi belting out old hits on the radio, professing to throw all caution to wind,
And fall in love, pyar, ishq, mohabbath without a thought.
Inter spread with messages from a parrot on the perils of promiscuousness,
And the importance of being 'Safe than sorry' in the act of making love.

A big celestial bear devours the sun, ending the day.
But our journey to home is yet to end.
We crawl along, savouring the best parts of the day and ignoring the nasty bits,
Hoping the sun of the morrow brings more bright moments.


Pradeep said...

Masterpiece indeed!!... keep it up...

btw, the evening bear has come out well though!! we'll carry camera from now on!!:)

Ravi Kiran said...


Thanks mate....