Friday, 5 September 2008 which M asks K not to drink coffee....

Manager (M) calls K . K ambles over to him dreading what lies ahead.
M's roving eye spots me just as I was trying to make myself inconspicuous by slinking further down in to the chair and peering intently in to the monitor which was displaying a highly informative slide show of analysis of the best structured anatomy of the various female thespians in the Indian motion pictures industry. He calls me over too.

M to K and me: 'What are you working on now?"

K: 'I am working on an important development piece of code"

Me: "I am working on the slide show for client visit. Analysis of best structured model for software development to increase efficiency and quality leading to enhanced synergies with various teams"

M: 'How long will it take to complete?"

K: "I have to complete it by next week"

Me: "I was just about to complete it, just the last slide highlighting Bipasha's...err Business Process statistics"

M to both of us "Whats your bandwidth to work on another requirement, which needs to be done ASAP?"
K: "I don't have much time to spare as I am pretty much involved in my current work"

I don't say anything, but just groaning inwardly for having to some actual work.

M to K: "I see that you spend 15-30 minutes, three times a day going for coffee with A, surely you don't spend all the 8 hours in coding. You should be able to spare the coffee time on the new requirement"

K is speechless and before he can think of any reply,

M to both of us: "We will discuss this with other team members as soon as I come back from coffee, in half an hour"

I hold back K, reminding him of the fact that his confirmation process is yet to complete and his chances of getting a good rating will be seriously harmed if he picks up the telephone and connects it with M's head with considerable velocity.

Disclaimer: As usual its a work of imagination and in no way related to actual living people or events except for the part where I was peering in to that slide show.

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