Monday, 22 September 2008

Lessons in Corporate Communication

Here is a fictional example of how corporate head honchos talk and its actual meaning in simple words.

Corporate Talk:

We have reviewed the impact of promotions and have considered the current business environment which remains challenging and is expected to remain so for the near future.

Considering the recent upheavals in the US Financial market that has had global impact on the financial sector, we feel it would be prudent to wait for clarity in the business environment before we take a decision on promotions. As a result, the promotions will not be effected in second quarter this year. I am sure you understand and appreciate the compulsion for postponing this decision.

Plain Talk:

We will not be promoting you lot this year. Screw you all, ha ha ha !!!!

PS: Does a smiling face of the head honcho beside the above corporate message, make the news less unpleasant?

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