Monday, 13 October 2008

Mid Year Appraisal Blues..........

I sat in the meeting room, contemplating on the 6 months gone by.

Thinking of my achievements, failures and what to reply.

Half yearly appraisal discussion was the reason.

Making me sweat in A/C and it wasn’t summer season.

He entered without making any noise.

And made me jump in fright with his voice.

Thrusting a bunch of papers and reports at me, he said.

These were your goals; let’s see if you deserve what you are paid.

Listing out each goal, he stared at me, waiting for me to speak.

I sat, with my eyes lowered and expression of a person with an urgent need to take a leak.

What is your technical expertise? He asked.

Nothing specific, I know a bit of everything, I replied.

Do you have enough functional knowledge he queried and also know about the business.

I have learned a little. But still am unable to differentiate between a spot and a forward*, I confess.

What is your contribution to the company, apart from your daily work was his next question.

I helped you to cook up statistics for every client visit, I said without hesitation.

In my opinion, he said, you have not any technical or functional skill.

Why should you continue to be a part of this project? Please pray tell.

Oh, mighty one, I realise that I do not fit in to the scheme of things.

Cause I know only to send reminders, prepare inane reports and schedule unnecessary meetings.

Then what should be done with you? He thundered with anger.

The solution is simple sir, I replied, make me a manager...

* Spot and Forward are types of trades


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