Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Army song.................

There used to be this army song which my school teacher taught us long back. It was a variant of an old world war II song and there are many versions of it. If my memory serves right, it went something like this...

The pay in the army, they say its mighty fine.

They give you rupees hundred and take back ninety nine !


I don't want be in the army now,

Sergeant I want to go!

Where the hell you want to go?

Sergeant I want to go home

The uniform in the army, they say its might fine.

Me and my companions, can all fit in to mine !


The shoes in the army, they say its mighty fine

When you ask for number 6, they give you number 9 !


The tea in the army, they say its mighty fine.

When you take a sip, it tastes like turpentine !


After the recent events, I guess its time to update the song with another here it goes

The glory in the army, they say its mighty fine

When you lay down your life, they says it isn't worth the time of a canine !


Smini said...

hey... a nice song... iam sure ur teacher would have taught u in a beautiful hip-hop tune......

I wud like to add another line.(not as good as urs, but just wanted to convey the message :)

The Life in the army, they say is mighty fine,
but the pay is just about half a dime

Ravi Kiran said...


yeah there was a tune too.....
I always thought it was a fun song.....but it turns out that it may be true and thats scary.....

and nice addition too :)