Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Festive season is upon us and my office has a Christmas tree displayed in the reception. To go with the general mood, its a recession hit tree, with no pointed tip (probably the top half is being displayed in another office as a bonsai Christmas tree) and just a few balloons as decoration.

Some time back my CEO had made a statement on the current economic conditions and had mentioned of 'unprecedented times needs unprecedented measures'. This led to wild speculation among us, there by dropping productivity instantly.

One of the unprecedented measures was announced recently and that was

"We have prohibited Chewing gums across all our facilities. Request you to inform HR about employees not adhering to the policy."

Go figure that one out for yourselves !!. I guess our management has really found something of benefit from this. Otherwise they wouldn't have come up with such a bright idea to fight recession when other companies are firing people and cutting increments and perks all around to make ends meet.

Cost cutting has hit us so badly that people are using office printers just to take official print outs and they are printing on both sides of the paper !!

On the personal front.... Was suffering from severe cough from couple of weeks. I sounded like a asthmatic donkey whenever I coughed.

At last decided to visit a doctor and headed towards the nearest clinic. The doctor is a family friend and when I told him my symptoms, he looked at me for few seconds and asked 'Are you married?'. My reply in negative caused him to go in to a litany of how one should get hitched at the right age and how he was already married when he was at my age and so on.

I sat there with a bewildered expression thinking whether my bachelorhood was in fact the reason for my severe cough . I had to assure that my very first task after stepping out of the clinic was to get married before I got a prescription from him.

Moving on to some cheerful news.....

hmm.....can't think of any......hopefully the festive season brings some reasons to cheer.


Anonymous said...

gr8 comment man..

So did you finally get lucky gl..?

Ravi Kiran said...

Thanks... not yet...not yet :)