Monday, 1 December 2008

They came calling.......

Ok.... Since I mentioned that I am about set my journey along the road of matrimony in my earlier post. I think its time to update on how far he journey has taken me.

Since the time I reached the generally accepted age of getting married, various relatives have shown considerable interest in my well-being. Any visit to the functions inadvertently led to the talks of my bachelorhood and it seemed like I was a blot on the human kind for not getting hitched and suffer like they already were.

Questions of why I haven't got married yet or if I have found someone by myself were frequently asked. My response in the negative for me finding a girl myself was always met with wide eyed disbelief as if I was going against some prophecy which was foretold at my birth( I am sure they even might have started to talk about my sexual orientation behind my back. Though nobody asked me). Then they started listing of bachelorettes who are just the one for me,extolling their virtues. By this point I would have either turned my self off to the words or would have found something very important to do.

But my relatives are a very persistant lot and determined to get me at whatever cost and one such effort bore fruit this weekend. Usually my weekends are.....umm...err... I don't have a word for staying in my room the whole day in front of my laptop, either working , watching movies or surfing the net for... erm ...interesting sites. But that's what my weekends are. So this weekend too was no different from others.

I was there sitting on my bed watching a movie when my aunt came knocking. She ordered me to come down as some one was waiting for me. Expecting my friend who usually drops in over the weekend, I went down in my PJ's and vest and with the general appearance of a hibernating bear only to encounter two people whom I have never met. My dad then introduces me to them and I realised that they were the mom and brother of a girl and I was being subjected to the ritual of 'seeing'!!!. Only that the custom is usually for the guy's folks to go and 'see' the girl. Well that's my luck for you.

Though they were taken aback by my appearance, they hid it well. There were questions to be answered. About my work, how far is my office, how much time does it take to commute, how many people work at my office (I seriously didn't understand the significance of that) and what my hobbies are. I was half expecting a request to sing and imagined myself winning them over with my impressive vocals (which had elicited a thunderous applause from my colleagues a few months back even before I had completed the first line of the song.. ok they wanted me to stop....) . But fortunately the request never came.

Then I stood there looking as lost as a gay guy in a strip joint while they completely ignored me and chatted away with my parents about mutually known relatives and who is where doing what. After about 10 minutes of this blinking in to space, I managed to escape and heave a sigh of relief.

Now I know exactly how a girl feels when a horde of people go to 'see her'. Probably there are few experiences which are more torturous than this.....

Rest assured the saga will continue...though will it end with me heading towards altar of marital bliss or not---only time will tell.


Shrikant said...

lol.That WAS funny. Everything was happening just in front of my eyes :D. Enjoy the search!!!

Ravi Kiran said...


Thanks mate and enjoy the search?? :-)

shashi said...

adhakke DODDAVARU HELIDANGE hudugina nodoke hogiddare EE paadu padabekagiralillavalla?