Wednesday, 21 December 2011

....on a come back trail

Another stab at reviving this blog and my attempts at writing . Its been more than a year since I last wrote and lot of things have transpired since then.

  • We won a world cup and then promptly lost to England

  • Yeddi is no longer the CM and a person who was better suited to record canned laughter for sitcoms has taken over the reins of the state.

  • Lokpal and second freedom struggle is in progress

  • Sibal and Diggy raja have rewritten the rules for speaking without thinking.

  • Ra.One became a blockbuster in terms of the jokes, tweets and online discussions it generated.

  • Namma Metro finally saw the light of the day.

  • Rahul baba is still our youth leader and the next great hope for the country

  • Behenji honoured the F1 by presiding and presenting the trophy to Vettel (who lost the next 2 races - not that I am insinuating anything)

  • Didi and Amma resoundingly slapping the Commies and Stalin

  • Pawar did the opposite and got slapped.

  • Reality shows and News channels providing wholesome 'family' entertainment.

Big Apple beckoned me and I obliged......

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