Tuesday, 27 November 2007

पुनरजन्म -----The Reincarnation !!!

After seeing OSO, had this thought. Why when we depict re-incarnation, we show that the person reincarnated is of the same gender as that of his/her previous incarnation?.

Why cannot a man be re-incarnated as a woman?. Why not of a different species altogether ?

That would open a plethora of opportunities for bollywood to explore (I too have script by the way with wonderful possibilities....Shahrukh interested??). Of course we would need different actors to play the pre and post incarnated role.

But I know method acting is the latest rage in hindi film industry and actors are keen do realistic portrayals of their onscreen characters. Here is the ultimate challenge for their commitment to art. Six packs in the first half and er.. certain other attributes post -interval if you know what I am talking about....he he he.

Anyone out there who will stand up and say I am ready to be Hari and Harini on screen and in real life too?

As for our cousins in Hollywood, what could be a better money spinner than a 'Revenge of re-incarnated cockroach'?. It has summer blockbuster written all over it.

A cockroach which was squashed by a boot reincarnates to grow up in to a muscled hunk (Arnold, Sylvester, Bruce, Rock ....are you people listening?). He then recalls his past life and goes in search for his past family, finds them and lives happily ever after with them in some body's kitchen....

No of course not...The re-incarnated cockroach searches for his killer, who is also a major threat to world peace (yes --the killer lives in White House or in the caves of Pakistan depending on the political leanings of the director), hunts him down ,thus avenging his death in previous life and also saves mankind from doom.Then he lives happily with his past family in some body's kitchen scaring the daylights out of family's girls.

There is a lot of scope for action, explosions, suspense, emotions,drama (imagine the re-incarnated cockroach's first tryst with his past family...if there is a real tear jerker of a scene, then this is the one)...in short everything which will make it the movie of the year.

I am sure it will garner Oscars for the cockroaches for best supporting roles.

Of course in India it will be dubbed in Hindi (Khatarnaak Cockroach), Tamil (Oru Cockroachiyin Diary...no wait Tamil govenment doesn't give any subsidy to tamil movies with english titles so it has to be Irratapiriya kakkalattu), Telugu (Boddinka Pratikaaramu) and in bhojpuri (Cockroachwa ka badla).

Once the DVD of the original is released, Sanjay Gupta will be inspired to adapt it and creates a masterpiece with a housefly as the protagonist lest people accuse him of making a makki ka makki copy ;-)

Well folks, how is that for originality? and who says there is a dearth of good stories for making movies. So movie makers here I am, with a half-demented brain brimming with ideas which will die with me if not immortalised on the celluloid. If that happens, producers all over the world beware !!...you will find a spider or a lizard or an ant following you all the time until I get my revenge.....ha ha ha...be afraid....be very afraid.....

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