Saturday, 2 February 2008

No chits, no call this an exam !!!

Ever wondered why it happens only in Bihar?

Why time and again when we hear such kind of news, it invariably is from Laluland (I know its Nitishraj now, but some legacies never die and we havent stopped using aloo in samosas yet... have we?).
Is it the food (I know that the livestock there consume astronomical amount of fodder. But what food can affect humans?), the climate, the geography of the area... what?

Where are all those scientists who spend lotsa funding money to find out silly things?
Here is a fertile area to research for you guys. Probably you people can locate a region in brain which makes people to go against the generally accepted social behaviour. But dont tell the people you are studying that its an examination of their brains. They may want to use unfair means there too (probably send people from other states in their place).
"How can we give the exams without using unfair means," was their angry query.
Indeed a valid question. You cant expect students to read and prepare for sir.What do these officials think?
As these are law students, no doubt they can find some precedent in history where unfair means was allowed by some court in some state or country. But asking them to go through law books to find a precedent will kill their cause won't it?

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