Friday, 26 September 2008

BigBoss, Bahu aur Bankrupt Brothers.....

Overheard in the bus during my sojourn from office to home

First voice(FV):'Hey did ya see the last episode of BigBoss?'
Second Voice (SV): "Yeah it was awesome..'
FV: 'I think they will eliminate Raja this week'
SV: 'no I think probably Ehsaan will be eliminated'
FV: 'Ehsaan will be taken out and again re-introduced after two days'
Third Voice(TV):'What about Rahul?'
FV and SV in unison: 'Naaah, he will survive'

The voices went on in the same vein for next half an hour on discussing he various relationships between each house mates. Who hates whom, who is plotting against whom. In short a detailed analysis of the complete programme, which could put a highly paid TV analyst to shame...

Overcome by curiosity and just to put a face to the voices I heard, I turn around to see...I find 3 middle aged men, oblivious to the surroundings talking seriously about the above said reality show. There was a 4th person along them, who was a lot younger and a worried expression on his face trying to slip in a few words in between.
When he got a chance He said: 'What do you guys think about the Lehman Brothers, current financial meltdown and its impact on our industry and our jobs?'

The other three looked at him as if he had uttered blasphemous words. After glaring at him for few seconds, FV Said: 'Don't we have anything better than discuss where were we..aah did you guys see the latest episode of K*** s**?..where the 3rd husband of the bahu meets the boyfriend of his was awesome'

The other two joined in with equal enthusiasm and they continued to talk heir heads off, where as the younger man just slunk to his corner quietly.

Is it that these men don't care about the current market condition and the threat to the jobs?. Or is all the talk about TV shows is just a front put up to mask their actual fears?. Or do they know something which the whole world doesn't know?....I wondered as the bus crawled through the traffic...

PS: As the financial turmoil is taking its toll, quite a few heart tugging incidents have begun to emerge.

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