Friday, 26 September 2008

....Of rediff and its readers.....

I have been a regular reader of for quite some time now. Though the content of the site is no different from other media sites, I find some interesting articles and slide shows which either intentionally or unintentionally make you laugh.

Another particular feature is the message board, which allows readers to publish their views on the article. This is a great source of entertainment and also shows how narrow minded our people are. I have seen this message board being used for various purposes. Some of the are

  • To advertise various money making schemes or websites

  • To advertise your blogs

  • If its a article is related to movies, depending on whether it was related to Hindi movies or South Indian cinema, people start bashing Rajnikant, Kamalhasan, SRK or Amitabh. The comments range from a simple 'That actor is moron' to an in depth analysis of the actor's genealogy with particular emphasis to his mother/sister. Also the fans of these stars too get called names and their sexual preferences are questioned upon.

  • Then there are comments related to political news. These doesn't arouse much of feelings and politicians deserve what they get.

  • Critic bashing is one more favourite past time for readers. One particular Mr. Raja Sen is the favourite and you have to see the message boards on the movie reviews written by him. Irrespective of his views on the movie in question, you can be sure that most of the readers hate him.

  • Then there are a few, who barring Newton, Einstein can be termed as true geniuses. They come up with ideas which can revolutionise the world and make you think 'why didn't I come up up with this?'. Here's one such reader, whose idea deserves to be sent to Google's Project 10^100. So without further ado I present. I mean the last comment......

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