Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Zipping up the day.............

Sit in bus for 2 hours sweating and fearing the guy next to you- who all of a sudden starts smiling and talking to himself- may attack you.

Open mail in the office and see mails from your boss asking to do things which in actuality he is being paid for to do.

Sit in a client meeting for two hours.. show a PPT to them only to be asked stupid questions .

Move around the ODC speaking to everyone to get some inane data, which nobody in their right mind would want except that it was asked by higher ups, which automatically makes it a very crucial factor in the company's profitability.

Again sit in bus for 2 hours waiting for the traffic to clear and you at last reach home.

In your room, heave a sigh of relief for another day successfully negotiated, only to realise that the zipper which is supposed to protect your modesty and others from unsightly scenes had decided to kick the proverbial bucket and the whole day you had been roaming around with the post office literally open.

And also realise that the flap which covers the zipper saved the day by performing its job fastidiously (that's what you like to think).


Pradeep said...

any letters?!:)

Ravi Kiran said...


Unfortunately (should I say fortunately??), no letters.... :)