Sunday, 7 September 2008

Query the S/W Pundit.......

There are lots of gurus spread wide across the Internet who provide much necessary advice and solace to harried people on their various queries on specific subjects. To name a few good samaritans who are doing commendable job...
After a thorough research (which involved me sitting in front of my computer and thinking what to search for..), I realised that there is no such portal for those people in the IT services industry.

As is the motto of my blog ( In Free Advice I Believe), its my constant endeavour to provide my discerning readers-apart from the usual headache after reading my posts- a chance to improve themselves.

I hereby present Mr.S/W Pundit, who in spite of his very busy schedules and deadlines (as he says, 'whats the use of a deadline if you do not over shoot it')has kindly agreed to answer all those questions which keeps our IT brethren awake during nights, which gnaws them during day and in general which makes them go mad and add extra 'IF ELSE' conditions or unnecessary nested loops in the code just to calm themselves.

And in case you are already anticipating, let me make myself clear, NO, HE DOESN'T HAVE THE ANSWER TO "HOW CURVE FITTING WORKS DURING ANNUAL APPRAISAL PROCESS?" .

No living person can answer that ultimate question, which ranks along with 'Whats the meaning of life?', 'Whats the theory to explain everything?' and 'Whats the reason for Himesh bhai's popularity?' as the questions which has stumped the brightest brains of this world.

But Mr.S/W Pundit is more than adept in answering all those lesser questions which bother you in day to day life of a software professional. So without further ado, its over to the Pundit...

Q:Hi, Mr. S/W Pundit. Our project is in the system testing stage now and I feel that the technology we are using is outdated(its MS Access and VB) and feel that using .NET will be better. Should I go to my manager and tell him this? - A fresher just out of college and joined the company

A: My advise is just to shut up and release the product. Once its productionised, go to your manager and put across a proposal to migrate the product from old technology to new technology. This will put you in the good books of the manager and also the manager can sell this idea as his own to the clients. And since you are a fresher you have a lot to learn about the workings of a software industry.

Q: I have been given an on site assignment to gather requirements from the clients. Could you please provide a few tips Mr.S/W Pundit? - An MBA who knows nothing about software

A: You must ask the right sort of questions. Here are a few examples

  • What are the famous places to visit in this country?
  • Where can I find the best pubs?
  • Can we go for a drink after work ?

As for the actual requirements for the project, don't bother. The development team will have to do it anyways as no self respecting client would stick to the same requirements that he/she has given at the start of the project. It will change over the course of the project and there is no point in you doing a serious requirements gathering.

Q:What is the right technology for any software development project?

A: The technology..hmm. It should be a right mix, which will give rise to maximum bugs after release and provide a constant stream of support issues to your support team so that clients depend on your company to run the software and there by sustaining the business of your company too.

Q: I have 15 years of experience in development and I am a UNIX and Database administrator. Recently, I changed companies and while joining the new company, the manager there assured me to make a technical lead in one of their high profile project. But now I am allocated to a support project, where I have to monitor dash boards and attend customer calls. Please advise

A: Even after 15 years of industry experience, if you are naive enough to believe a manager's words, then its serves you right. You deserve to languish in that project.

Q: Mr.S/W Pundit, I spend my entire day attending one meeting or the other with my managers and I find no time to do any actual work. Could you please suggest a solution? - A very conscientious programmer

A: I suggest you to arrange a meeting with your manager and discuss at length the effects of all other meetings on your work. And I also suggest you to do this daily.

Q: Mr S/W Pundit, what do you think is the future of IT industries in our country?

A: I see a very bright future. I see the industry growing from strength to strength and we will out class all other countries. I can feel it in my stomach...oh wait no !!, that's the bad samosa that I had during a meeting...err excuse me....

Well, since Mr.S/W Pundit had to leave to attend a very urgent call, we wind up for today. But please send across your questions and Mr.S/W person will strive to answer them all in his next appearance.

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