Monday, 9 February 2009

Q & A......

Q: When is the right time to leave a project?

A: When you inform your PM that you have completed 3 years in the project and he retorts that you have not contributed nor added value to the project(that too right after spending 3 hours on creating a presentation which was supposed to be prepared by the PM).

A: When the client is showering you with choice expletives and the PM is hiding behind the client with a stupid grin on his face trying not to be too conspicuous lest the client may turn his ire towards him (No fault of yours and the PM had agreed to a insane request by the client without even consulting you on its feasibility)

A: When the client is very happy with your performance, but your own superiors express doubts over your work and accuse you of fudging data.

Q: When is the right time to go mad and kick the shit out of your superiors?

A: When you are informed that you are ineligible to become a PL as you are not of the required designation in spite of possessing all other requisites (You haven't been moved up in designation because of a company wide promotion freeze and your superiors know this very well).

Q: When is the right time to take a break from work?

A: When you try to enter your home, by swiping your company access card against the key hole at the middle of the night(You being perfectly sober and under no influence of hallucinogenic substances).

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