Friday, 13 March 2009

another gloomy post....

I know, off late I have been writing only about my work and nothing else. There is nothing else happening in my life, that would make me to put it on the web for your consumption. Hell, am not even getting in to funny or embarrassing situations so that I could offer you people some laughs during this period of general slow down. And better not ask about my progress on acquiring a mate for life, its a story which has no climax in near future...
Now that companies are laying off people, you see lots of stories flying around with news papers each day publishing the number of victims who are handed pink slips in various organisations as if these companies are competing in firing people too. Though the companies maintain that they are not firing people and those who are being sent are under performers, the stories you get to to hear from friends tell a different story. Apparently there are no fixed criteria for laying off people.
So here is my lame limerick on lay offs
Its the lay off season
People are fired due to recession
If you question and throw a fit
They say that twas because of your outfit
HR not liking its colour is also a reason

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