Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Musings of a muddled mind.....

Stepping down from the Srilankan Airline flight (it was a kind of boring flight) on to London bought back a lot of memories. Almost a couple of years ago, for the first time in my life I had left my home and came over here to London. As I set my foot again, all the previous encounters, adventures, experiences flooded past me like the flashback of a B grade bollywood movie.

My regular readers (he he....are there any?) would know all about my experiences the last time around. So I got down of the plane went to immigration again dreading what might go wrong. What happened is something known as anticlimax in english grammer circles. The lady at the counter just checked my passport and stamped me in to the country without any questions. I am not at all complaining mind you. I am happy that there were no problems. But sometimes when life becomes so simple and easy, you tend to wonder if there is something else round the corner waiting to bash your head and take away the joy you had earlier.

So I was in London and after a brief period of roaming up and down between the Departures and Arrivals to find out the way out of airport(I somehow even managed to stand in a queue which was departing,not to outside, but to Cambodia. Some extremely helpful airport personnel intervened in the nick of time), I finally made in to the taxi and reached home sweet home. The same place where I stayed during my previous sojourn. I must be very grateful to my friend who allowed me back in to stay after all that he went through the last time.

After spending almost 20 hours travelling (including the time I spent in Srilanka waiting for my plane, listening to Sinhalese language which by the way is a cross between tamil and some chinese, Japanese kind) one would think that taking rest would be the logical think to do. But then thats what normal people do. What did I do?. I head out to play cricket. You see the weather in London at this time of the year is so unLondon like. Clear skies, bright sunshine with day light till 9 PM and pleasant temperatures make people to head out to open spaces and then lie there under sun at various stages of disrobement. I saw lissome lasses sun bathing at the park and they were a sight to travel weary eyes. But beside them were the boy friends with enormous paunches (and unfortunately uncovered) that they covered the girls both from me and the sun . I had to put extra efforts to take a peek at them.

Where was I?...ah yeah looking at barely clad girls...erm... playing cricket at the park. After a intense 4 hours of trying to run behind the ball, giving reasons for getting out in the first ball, blaming the pitch for all the wides bowled my first day in UK ended.

As for the reason I came here, started of work and there is nothing much to talk about it. The client doesnt know what to do and if you guys had closely followed my earlier posts, you would easily surmise that my management has little clue of whats going on either. So am sitting in office wondering why the hell was I sent here.

As the saying goes, never ask why when a unknown girl kisses you (coz she may tell you that she was drunk at the time and kissed you only to win a bet), I am not asking why was I sent here, but just enjoying the days......

So before I sign off, I leave you with this remarkable artist whose existence was unknown to me and was introduced by one of my flatmate.

If any of you know where I can get hold of the cinematic masterpieces of this thespian, you will be rewarded handsomely.....

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