Sunday, 14 June 2009

Unnecessary update for the week gone by.....

Another week gone by in this country and though nothing of any significance transpired in my mundane life, there are couple of things which I feel - as a responsible blogger - should be reported.

First and foremost work, as I mentioned in my earlier rant, was going no where. With no one knowing what to do, I spent the week doing something which many things which in the final outcome may or may not have any value. So the powers above decided that its high time that someone with more experience can come in and do things better than what I am doing now... yeah do nothing in a better way !. Well all I can say that, if there is anyone who can do nothing very well, he is the right person for it.

And I have settled nicely once again....Started to inflict my culinary skills upon my flatmates and they are gracious enough to eat them with out complaints. But I do hear some moans from them in the morning. They are a great company and adventurous too. getting in to ladies changing room in a swimming pool by mistake and look as if nothing wrong has happened is a walk in the park for them. And they say its better than going in to men's changing room where lets just say that things are not easy for the eyes.

By the way if you guys saw the T20 match of India against West Indies, you might have seen me on the screen jumping around. I might have been cheering at the fall of an Indian wicket. But that was just for to get my self on the screen. I go to watch my first match in a stadium and that too at the Lords and I should have known, with the kind of luck I have, India lost. Though there was no dearth of entertainment. Sozzled cricket fans shouting, some Indians with their accent shouting 'We want six', which sounded entirely different and made people around think of another favourite past time of Indians other than cricket.

Weekend consisted of kicking a room mate for getting a year older. Visiting Hyde Park, which I must say is a pretty good place. Boating in the lake was a interesting experience. Looking at all the birds (I strictly meant the non flying ones) around was a invigorating experience !.

Dinner at a Indian place which was specifically designed to the goras resulted in the waiter explaining us what each dishes are - dishes which we have been eating all our lives !. Then a walk to the Leicester square, to Soho (now that's a place which one must visit to get a glimpse of the London's night life and also the place where you get to see people of various nations talking to you in Hindi asking whether you need the services if the ladies of
negotiable affections ) and Piccadilly Circus bought our day to an end. But not before witnessing some serious public display of affection by a couple in the railway station which really left us ruminating..... why the heck we cant do that?.......

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