Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wedding vows.....

Hmm….now now…..where do I begin…. Its been so long since I exercised my literary skills (you can laugh, I won’t mind).

So what have I been up to?….. As indicated in my previous post that I am treading the path that no man has ever willingly trodden, but inevitably ends up walking.

There comes a time in man’s life when he has to take stock of his life and answer some very serious questions. Such as..
  • Do you agree to spend 5 hrs for shopping a tea-cup?
  • Do you like to paint your room pink?
  • Do you agree to wait for her for 4 hrs to get ready to go to a 30 mins event?
  • Do you pretend to like reality shows where repeat offenders and bimbos seek matrimonial alliances?
  • Will you stop visiting naughty websites?
  • Will you stop ogling at girls, unless specifically asked by her to compare her with the said girl?
  • And after comparing, would you agree that she is much better (irrespective of what the comparison was for) than the said girl?

I have somehow worked up the courage to say ‘I do’ to all the above questions and take the big leap.As I mentioned to my lady the other day, the below verse succinctly sums up my life till now and what the future holds for me.

“ನಿನ್ನೆ ತನಕ ನಾನು ಉಂಡಾಡಿ ಗುಂಡ
ನಾಳೆಯಿಂದ ನಿನ್ನ ಗಂಡ”

Roughly it translates to,

“Till yesterday, I was a bloke with no errand
But from the morrow, I am your husband”

Have had an interesting time since engagement. Trying to understand each other-which is very important. I guess I handled it pretty well by not responding to her messages, falling asleep in the middle of conversations, taking her to cartoon movies, spending lots of time in book and dvd shops completely ignoring her. In short she now has adjusted her expectations from me, which I guess is none.

So here I am standing at the brink of my bachelorhood, staring at the vast ocean of marital life awaiting the day when I’ll be pushed in to it without a life buoy to cling on to…. I guess that’s what adventure of your lifetime is all about…..


kanchanabhat said...

I think you have missed some vows viz.
1)Are you ready to make morning tea for me on some romantic mornings?
2)Sometimes Breakfast also(wink).
3)help me in the daily proceedings.
4)treat me like a child when the days are blue.
5)are you ready to give me gifts,flowers just to clean up the fights.

I think these vows are more than enough and i know you will say 'I Do' to all of them.But from me,for my special person,i'll say 'I Do' without even knowing the vows.

Ravi Kiran said...


'I do' :)

Smini said...

lovely..... Congratulations to both of u... WIsh u botha wonderful, funfilled married life

Sharat said...

ha ha ha..... awesome Ravi... nice writing..!!! Even I have a blog but that rarely tells these kind of stories...!!! Its filled only with travelogues..!!!!!!!!